Basement Conversions, Waterproofing, Tanking and Construction in Guildford, Woking and Godalming in Surrey
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EMLA Construction Ltd were recommended by a third party.


Professional couple with children who stayed in residence for the project duration.


Detached period house.


Basement construction in Shamley Green, Guildford, Surrey.

Basement Construction Duration:

Two months, completed on time.


Completed to budget.


Description of work:

The existing basement rendering and waterproofing had failed letting moisture in and making the basement damp.

EMLA Construction Ltd designed and constructed a new basement structural waterproofing system and carried out reinstatement works to create a dry and pleasant habitable environment.

The work involved excavating a drainage sump with drainage channels to enable the installation of a sump pump and drainage pipes for water removal.


5mm waterproof tanking membranes were installed onto the basement walls and 20mm tanking membranes to the basement floors to resist damp, moisture and water ingress.

Insulation was installed to the floor and walls to achieve the 'U' values required by building regulations.

The basement was plasterboarded, painted and decorated throughout.

Part of the basement area consisted an arched and vaulted brick ceiling which the clients were keen to preserve as much as possible.


EMLA Construction Ltd successfully designed and installed a structural waterproofing system to tank this vaulted ceiling whilst retaining the shape and character of this attractive basement feature. More photos