Basement Conversions, Waterproofing, Tanking and Construction in Guildford, Woking and Godalming in Surrey
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EMLA Construction Ltd were recommended by a third party.


Professional couple with three children who stayed in residence for the project duration.


3 storey Victorian semi-detached house.


Basement conversion in Guildford Surrey.

Basement Conversion Duration:

Three months, completed on time.


Completed within budget.


Description of work:

This Victorian property already had basement space, but the ceilings were too low for it to be habitable or comply with building regulations.

EMLA Construction basement conversion work overcame this problem by underpinning the whole house to increase the depth of the original foundations.

This enabled the basement floors to be lowered and therefore the ceiling heights raised, creating enough head room to meet building regulations and allow the basement to be made fully habitable.


The structural waterproofing of the basement conversion involved the excavation of a sump and sump pump drainage, followed by the installation of a 5mm tanking membrane for the walls and 20mm tanking membrane for the floors.

Insulation was installed to building regulations standards and the basement space was redefined to create:

• 1 Downstairs cloakroom

• 1 Bedroom

• 1 Office

• 1 Hallway

• 1 Separate garden entrance


The basement conversion also required the installation of new wiring, plumbing, heating, plastering, painting and decorating.

The structural waterproofing of EMLA basement conversions is carried out to exact specifications required by the manufacturers of our structural waterproofing systems manufacturers. This means that our own company guarantee is also backed up the waterproofing system manufacturer's guarantee.

If a client wants even greater peace of mind an insurance policy based warranty is also available.

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