Basement Conversions, Waterproofing, Tanking and Construction in Guildford, Woking and Godalming in Surrey
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EMLA Construction Ltd were recommended by a third party.


Property developer and landlord, whose tenants stayed in residence for the project duration.


5 storey apartment block on a steep hillside plot.


Basement tanking in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Basement Tanking Duration:

Four months, completed on time.


Completed to budget.


Description of work:

The creation of a new basement apartment excavated from beneath the 5 storey apartment block above located on a sloping hillside plot.

Three of the four flanks of the new basement needed structural waterproofing. Quite unusually the basement ceiling also needed waterproofing due to the presence of the apartment block car park above.

In conjunction with ‘Dryton Chemicals’ EMLA Construction designed and installed a cavity drain membrane system consisting; the construction of a sump and gravity drainage


channels, application of a 5mm tanking membranes to the walls and 20mm tanking membranes to the floors to resist damp, moisture and water ingress.

The apartment ceilings (and car park floor above) were waterproofed using a special fillet mortar, liquid membrane and epoxy resin tanking system.

Further complications from the risk of water ingress and ‘pooling’ into the building’s internal lift shaft were also overcome by EMLA Construction’s bespoke structural waterproofing design.


Foul/grey water drainage was handled by a pumping chamber system supplied and installed by EMLA Construction Ltd.

Insulation was installed to achieve the ‘U-values’ required by building regulations. A new floor and walls were constructed, plastered and decorated throughout.

New wiring, plumbing and heating systems were installed. As were a new kitchen and bathrooms, windows, doors, fixtures and fittings.

The steep garden was landscaped and terraced.
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